Seasonal Mosquito Treatment Plan

Enjoy Your Yard Without Irritation

Turn to a mosquito exterminator for services in Hermantown or Duluth, MN & surrounding areas

Do you want to keep mosquitoes off your property in Hermantown or Duluth, MN & surrounding areas? You don't have to suffer through itchy bites and irritating bugs. The mosquito exterminator at Backwoods Mosquito can get rid of those pests once and for all and keep them off your property during the hot and muggy months.

Most of the time, mosquito bites don't lead to serious health issues. However, Mosquitoes pose a danger to humans because they can carry diseases like:

  • Malaria
  • Zika virus
  • Dengue virus
  • West Nile virus

We can also treat your property for flies and ticks to ensure maximum protection. Speak with our mosquito exterminator today to learn more.

Deal with mosquito infestations quickly and efficiently

You shouldn't have to spend the summer indoors because of a mosquito infestation. Get back outside again by hiring Backwoods Mosquito for mosquito control services. Our mosquito exterminators recommend contacting us if:

  • You live near an area of stagnant water
  • You hear buzzing noises when you walk outside
  • You can't go outside without getting a mosquito bite
  • You have low-lying grass or foliage on your property
  • Your home is located near a wooded or shaded area

You can avoid an infestation by cleaning out your gutters regularly and removing areas of standing water. These are major breeding grounds for mosquitos, so try to get rid of them ASAP.

You should also call us for professional mosquito control services to solve the issue once and for all.

Set up an in-person appointment with our mosquito exterminator in Hermantown and Duluth, MN & surrounding areas today.

Fly Control

Fly control includes multiple chemical free fly traps that are placed around your property to trap and kill flies. These are changed out with each mosquito treatment.
Each time when mosquito treatments are completed, a product will be added as well to help with reduction of fly larva for best results.

Tick Control

Treatment of all cut grass and application of tick tubes (once per season)

What are tick tubes?

Biodegradable tubes filled with cotton that is infused with a product to kill ticks. The tubes are placed around the property in areas where mice may frequent like woodpiles, brush, rock walls, sheds, gardens, and wooded areas. Mice collect the cotton out of these tubes and use it in their nests, rubbing the product into their fur. The ticks feed on the mice and then they die.
The spray helps treat your yard by killing ticks and tick tubes bring an added layer of protection that helps improve full yard protection.